Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alinghi and BMW Oracle welcomes prompt resolution

Source: Alinghi Following today’s hearing, Justice Herman Cahn of the New York Supreme Court, reserved his decision on the litigation brought by the Golden Gate Yacht Club against the Société Nautique de Genève, the America’s Cup defending yacht club, over the validity of the Challenger of Record, Club Náutico Español de Vela.
Justice Cahn allowed the parties to argue their positions and he focused his questions on the legitimacy of Club Náutico Español de Vela as Challenger of Record under the Deed of Gift.
Alinghi General Counsel Hamish Ross comments: “We are happy with the way the hearing went and look forward to a result. The argument is a technical one. It is a straight out legal interpretation of the Deed of Gift.”
Justice Cahn indicated he would issue a written decision which is expected in the coming weeks.
Société Nautique de Genève remains firm on the demands of BOR, a team which is still not party to the event and who has repeatedly tried to shift the focus from the validity of CNEV to a multitude of items linked to the Protocol and the Rules.
This said the SNG is still in communication with BOR and would welcome an appropriate resolution to allow the parties to move forward with the 33rd America’s Cup.

Source: Golden Gate Yacht Club The Golden Gate Yacht Club said today it welcomed the prospect of a speedy court ruling in resolving the issues surrounding the protocol for the next America’s Cup.
After a hearing in the New York State Supreme Court where Justice Herman Cahn said he would deliver his decision soon, the club’s spokesman, Tom Ehman, said the American team had presented a strong case that the Club Náutico Español de Vela (CNEV) challenge was invalid and the new protocol unfairly advantaged the defender.
“We were very pleased with today,” Ehman said. “Justice Cahn understands the issues. He said he would rule soon which is what we have sought from the start.”

Beside this statements GGYC published today on their webpage a copy of the 7 signed letters from challengers complaining about the 33rd protocol

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Valencia: Is Desafio the nr. 4 ?

Photo (c) Nico Martinez

Three teams are now secure in their position on the leaderboard at the Louis Vuitton Cup. On Saturday, BMW Oracle Racing and Luna Rossa Challenge earned enough points to ensure the fifth place team couldn’t overhaul them. With its win on Sunday, Emirates Team New Zealand did the same. The fourth and final Semi Final spot is currently occupied by Desafío Español 2007, who earned a great win in front of a large weekend
spectator fleet on Sunday.

The Spanish have won six of their seven Round Robin Two matches to build a five point cushion over Victory Challenge, which is the only remaining challenger with a mathematical chance to beat them. The Swedish team has three matches left, with six points available. If the Swedes lose one more race, or the Spanish team earns another victory, Desafío Español will have the coveted Semi-final berth. That doesn’t mean the remaining matches for the top teams are meaningless. Just two points separate first from third and the top finisher has the right to choose its opponent for the head to head Semi Final portion of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Flight 9 is scheduled for Monday.

Flight 9
1. +39 Challenge vs. Team Shosholoza
2. China Team vs. Areva Challenge
4. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team vs. BMW Oracle Racing
5. Victory Challenge vs. Desafío Español 2007
6. Luna Rossa Challenge vs. Emirates Team New Zealand

Provisional Leaders (RR1 pts - Matches Sailed RR2 - Matches Won - Total Pts)
1. BMW Oracle Racing (USA 98) 21-7-6-33
2. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL 92) 18-7-7-32
3. Luna Rossa Challenge (ITA 94) 19-7-6-31
4. Desafío Español 2007 (ESP 97) 17-7-6-29
5. Victory Challenge (SWE 96) 14-7-5-24
6. Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia (ITA 99) 14-7-3-20
7. Team Shosholoza (RSA 83) 12-8-3-18
8. Areva Challenge (FRA 93) 9-7-2-13
9. +39 Challenge (ITA 85) 6-7-0-6
10. United Internet Team Germany (GER 89) 3-8-1-5
11. China Team (CHN 95) 1-8-1-3

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Valencia: Agian surprises

It was a day of close racing and surprise finishes at the Louis Vuitton Cup where the bottom ranked China Team earned its first win of the competition over the leader, BMW ORACLE Racing, when the American team lost its headsail on the first upwind leg.
That wasn't the only upset of the form guide however. The French Areva Challenge, disappointed with its Round Robin One performance, went out and won its first two matches of Round Robin Two, while +39 Challenge suffered two devastating losses in matches that were desperately close right up until the finishing line.
Conditions on Monday were excellent for racing, with sea breezes of up to
15 knots on both race courses. The wind eased later in the day, but never dropped below 9 knots.

Ranking after LVC RR2 Flight 2
1. BMW ORACLE Racing, 23 points
1. Luna Rossa Challenge, 23
3. Emirates Team New Zealand, 20
4. Desafio Espanol, 19
5. Victory Challenge, 16
6. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team, 14
6. Team Shosholoza, 14
8. Areva Challenge, 13
9. +39 Challenge 6
10. United Internet Team Germany 3
10. China Team 3

Tuesday's Schedule:
Desafio Espanol vs. AREVA Challenge
+39 Challenge (ITA 85) vs. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL 92)
United Internet Team Germany (GER 89) vs. Luna Rossa Challenge (ITA 94)
China Team (CHN 95) vs. Victory Challenge (SWE 96)
Team Shosholoza (RSA 83) vs. BMW Oracle Racing (USA 98)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Valencia: Swinging Keel ???

Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

The possibility of an America's Cup syndicate having engineered a breakthrough that would make a swinging keel legal gained momentum yesterday.
Cup technical director Ken McAlpine yesterday held a surprise media briefing where he was questioned on the concept.......

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

LVC: There was wind and Mascalzone beat ETNZ

Flight 1 Results
BMW Oracle Racing beat United Internet Team Germany
Victory Challenge beat Shosholoza
Luna Rossa beat China Team
Areva Challenge beat +39 Challenge
Mascalzone Latino beat Emirates Team New Zealand

Flight 2 Results
Desafio Espanol beat +39 Challenge
Mascalzone Latino beat Areva Challenge
Shosholoza beat United Internet Team Germany
BMW Oracle Racing beat China Team
Luna Rossa beat Victory Challenge

So the Louis Vuitton table looks like this after the first day’s racing:

Team Points
Luna Rossa Challenge 7
Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team 6
Desafio Espanol 5
Emirates Team New Zealand 4
Victory Challenge 4
Shosholoza 4
Areva Challenge 3
+39 Challenge 2
United Internet Team Germany 1
China Team 1

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Valencia: New Schedule for Round Robin 1 and 2

Source: Challenger Commission

At 0800 this morning at the Jury Meeting Room in the ACM offices there will be a meeting of Louis Vuitton Cup competitors. This has been called by the Regatta Director, Dyer Jones, to consider a significant rescheduling of racing for Rounds Robin 1 and 2.

This in response to the unprecedented (at least for the LVC) four days of postponed racing, and with the prospects for more postponements today and through the weekend due forecasts for continuing light winds.

This meeting will also, in effect, be a meeting of the Challenger Commission as the CC's advice and consent is required for what would be a significant amendment to the Notice of Race governing the Louis Vuitton Cup regatta.

The past two evening the CC's Notice of Race working party has met with Commodore Jones, ACM's CEO and COO, and Race Officers Peter Reggio and Harold Bennett to go over the "what-ifs", and a proposed new schedule of racing for Rounds Robin 1 and 2 has been drafted.
If embraced by the Challengers at this morning's meeting, it means, in effect, that we would "re-boot" the regatta.

Under the current schedule today is already a reserve day, and in accordance with the NOR Flights 1 and 2 postponed from Monday have automatically been rescheduled to today. The idea is to start anew, and reschedule racing from tomorrow (Saturday) as if the RR1 started today.

That means Flights 3 and 4 tomorrow, 5 and 6 Sunday, etc., with a re-shuffle of race and reserve days to fit in all 20 races of RR1 and RR2 between now and the 8th or 9th (or maybe 10th) of May.Of course we will post the results of this morning's meeting here on the CCB when we get a change later this morning.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 3 LVC Round Robin 1.....let's hope

It sounds almost like a joke there is no wind in Valencia for two consecutives days. If it's going to stay like this, for sure the event will not remain in Valencia in the future and a 2 year AC cycle will be impossible.

The matches of day 1 and day 2 are planed to be sailed on Sunday and Monday.
Richard Slater from BMW Oracle made a updated pairing list.

But if there will be wind today we start to have big team sailing against each other and the must see match is: Luna Rossa vs. BMW Oracle

Here's the schedule of today:

Flight 5
1. China Team vs. Team Shosholoza
2. Emirates Team New Zealand vs. Desafio Espanol 2007
3. Bye - Areva Challenge
4. Victory Challenge vs. United Internet Team Germany
5. Luna Rossa Challenge vs. BMW ORACLE Racing
6. +39 Challenge vs. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team

Flight 6
1. China Team vs. Desafio Espanol 2007
2. Team Shosholoza vs. Emirates Team New Zealand
3. Bye - BMW ORACLE Racing
4. Areva Challenge vs. Luna Rossa Challenge
5. United Internet Team Germany vs. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team
6. +39 Challenge vs. Victory Challenge

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 2 in Valencia, races posponed

Second day in Valencia with unstable wind conditions. The races from yesterday will be sailed later on in the round robin, let's hope that at least the races of today can be sailed.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Valencia Ready for Action

Racing in the Louis Vuitton Cup begins today afternoon, with the first warning signal scheduled to fire at 14:05. 11 challengers from nine countries are racing for the right to battle Alinghi in the 32nd America's Cup Match.

Each of the teams with a choice of two boats to race in the Louis Vuitton Cup have announced they will select the newest of their boats, meaning NZL
92 and USA 98 will make their competitive debuts today.

Today, racing is scheduled to begin at 14:15 in Round Robin One. The challengers race two full Round Robin series with only the top four advancing to the Semi Finals. The winners of each Semi Final best of nine will advance to the Final, from which the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup will emerge.

Sunday afternoon +39 went back to sailing after the damage to the mast caused by the unfortunate collision during Act 13 of the Louis Vuitton Cup.

Today's schedule:

Flight 1:
1. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team vs. Emirates Team New Zealand
2. +39 Challenge vs. Areva Challenge
3. Bye Desafio Espanol 2007
4. United Internet Team Germany vs. BMW ORACLE Racing
5. Team Shosholoza vs. Victory Challenge
6. China Team vs. Luna Rossa Challenge

Flight 2:
1. Desafio Espanol 2007 vs. +39 Challenge
2. Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team vs. Areva Challenge
3. Bye Emirates Team New Zealand
4. United Internet Team Germany vs. Team Shosholoza
5. China Team vs. BMW ORACLE Racing
6. Victory Challenge vs. Luna Rossa Challenge

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