Thursday, March 27, 2008

Polish Match Racing

Hi Everyone,

the match racing season is getting on the fast track. For some of you it is already underway and the others are just about to start racing.
This year Poland has developed the match racing base and will provide the national sailors in high level service of organized events. As a result of such an immense growth we decided to open our "playground" and would be happy to welcome on our national field also the sailors from abroad that could make their results better in ISAF Ranking by participating in our Grade 3 events.

We offer places for foreign competitors in following regattas:
3-4 May - Nieporęt Match Race - Zegrze, Warsaw
6-8 June - PYA Match Race Trophy - Gdańsk (linked with ISAF IU Seminar)
14-15 June - YKW Poznań Match Race - Poznań
28-29 June - Szczecin Match Race - Szczecin
9-10 August - YKP Gdynia Match Race - Gdynia
30-31 August - TKP Gdynia Match Race 2 - Gdynia
13-14 September - Zegrze Match Race - Zegrze, Warsaw

If anyone is interested please contact me directly on my e-mail: and I will be pleased to provide you in more details.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Poland.
Best wishes,