Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monsoon Cup, 15th and Final Stage of the 2006 –’07 World Tour

Source: WMRT

What – Monsoon Cup, 15th and Final Stage of the 2006 –’07 World Tour
Where – Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
When – November 28 – December 2, 2007
Prize Purse – RM 1,000,000 ($300,000.00)

Entry List
Mathieu Richard (FRA) – Saba Sailing Team
Ian Williams (GBR) – Team Pindar
Paolo Cian (ITA) – Shosholoza
Sebastien Col – Areva Challenge
Bjorn Hansen (DEN) – Team Apport.net
Peter Gilmour (AUS) – PST
Jesper Radich (AUS) – Radich Racing Team
Staffan Lindberg (FIN) – Alandia Sailing Team
Katie Spithill (AUS) – Team Acuity
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) – Torvar Mirsky Team
Adam Minoprio (NZL) – BlackMatch Racing
Tiffany Koo (MAS) – Selangor UK Halsey Gapurna

About Stage 15
The Monsoon Cup is the final Stage, of the 2006-07 season. In its third year the Monsoon Cup has maintained its prominent position on the World Tour. Offering the richest prize purse for a sailing event, RM1 million ($300,000).

The Monsoon Cup 2007 is the final ISAF Grade WC match race regatta this year and will see a new ISAF Match Racing World Champion crowned. To ensure the Monsoon Cup is an absolute thriller championship points from the event count double and must be included in the series score, guaranteeing a fight to the end with any one of 5 of the top teams able to win the World Championship.

Duyong Island at the mouth of the Terengganu River plays host to the Monsoon Cup where the purpose built sailing facility acts as a grandstand overlooking the racing area making a spectacular setting for this final event. The Monsoon Cup will be sailed in the identically matched and supplied Bakewell-White designed Foundation 36’s with 5 crew. Live coverage on Saturday and Sunday between 1400-1600 (UTC +8), including the semi-finals and finals, will be shown on Eurosport, Star Sports Asia, Showtime Arabia and Sky NZ.
You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Source:www.rnzys.org.nz & ValenciaSailing

Rod Davis with his Emirates Team New Zealand crew of Tony Rae, Grant Loretz, Chris Ward and Richard Meecham have 'done the impossible' have beaten Dean Barker in the finals of the New Zealand Match Racing Championships on the Waitemata harbour today! It was nail - biting racing as Davis won the first, Barker the second, Barker the third, Davis the fourth as the final went down to the very last race in the best of 5 series.

The start was even and during the day the breeze had increased to over 20 knots. This increased breeze tested the crews and Davis's crew were up to the challenge. At the top mark Davis was around first but Barker was close behind, just a boat length in it. Davis had a good hoist and as the spinnaker set, the boat lurched towards the bottom mark. Barker and team did the same and were right on Davis' transom. The spectators watching around Westhaven marina and from the Members Bar deck at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron were leaning out over the rock wall and balcony to gain a better line of sight! The race was extremely close!

At the top mark for the second time Davis again rounded the top mark in front and kept just in front of Barker to win the race, win the regatta & win the New Zealand Match Racing Championships for the second time.

In the petit final Chris Dickson and his young crew won the first race against Laurie Jury. Jury then went onto to win the next two races in the strengthening breeze and secure third spot in the regatta.

Final Placings
1. Rod Davis - ETNZ / RNZYS
2. Dean Barker - ETNZ / RNZYS
3. Laurie Jury - Kiwimatch
4. Chris Dickson - RNZYS
5. Adam Minoprio - Blackmatch / RNZYS
6. Michael Thorpe - RNZYS Lion Foundation Youth Training Programme
7. Jonathan Rankine - RNZYS
8. David Wood - Killer Racing / RNZYS
9. Phil Robertson - RNZYS
10. Jess Smyth - Georgia Racing / RNZYS
11. Jan Dawson - RNZYS
12. Simon Dickey - Frontend Racing / RNZY

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


After an intense year of challenges the South American Match-race Tour, the nautical event with more exposure in South America, will have it’s 4º Stage at the Brazilian cost for the first time. Porto Alegre it’s the chosen venue for the championship that will take place from November 30th to December 2nd of this current year.

Some of the top level skippers which will participate at the 4º Stage of the Tour are:

• From USA: Dave Perry, Coach from the America´s Cup Victory Challenge and multiple champion of the match racing discipline

• From Brazil: Daniel Glomb; Nº 1 of the discipline in South America, Nelson Ilha; International Umpire and Brazilian champion, Ricardo Lobato; International Umpire, Marcos Mascarenhas; champion of the match racing discipline and Henrique Haddad; South American champion.

• From Argentina: Juan Ignacio Grimaldi, Nº 1 of the discipline in Argentina and skipper from the TAG Heuer sailing team.

• From Uruguay: Diego Garcia, J/24 Champion and Silver Medal

The event will be a selective phase for the Perú Match-race Cup, next Stage of the South American Match-race Tour and it counts with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) support, the major yachting institution worldwide, which provided Grade 3 to the competition.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Women MR in the Games - how did it happen?

Multihull is out of Olympic Games 2012. This message was passed by ISAF Council on Friday. As you already know from Jurg Women Keelboat in Match Racing format was approved creating big chance for whole world of sailing.

How did it happen? That was a question asked by many people in Estoril, especially those in favour for 2 persons high performance for women. ISAF Match Racing Committee in associoation with WIMRA worked through many years to convince the world of sailing that women keelboat match racing is vital for sailing to become more media and spectators friendly. Collected statistics proved that nations' participation in Yngling events and participation in women match racing are of a big difference. All in favour of match racing. First step on the path of receiving Council's approval was Women's Sailing Committee where it was decided that women keelboat is supported and when chosen for the 2012 Games it shall be run in match racing format.
Second step was more difficult and interestingly not successfull. Another vote was however taken by Events Committee which excluded both keelboat men and women from the list of possible olympic events together with proposal of multihull for women. To reject Events Committee recomendation 19 votes must have been collected by ISAF Council and the result was... 19! Just enough to start voting from the early beginning.
And luckly this time fortunate for women keelboat that was approved together with the decision on replacing fleet racing with match racing format.
Nevetheless the true task is just ahead. Now it is time to work on successful campain for increasing the participation in women match racing till Olympic Games 2012.
Keep your fingers crossed as this is a real step forward in terms of match racing "come-back" to the Games.


Friday, November 09, 2007

By by tornado and welcome women match racing

This morning in Estoril during the ISAF year meeting the long expected decision ha been taken.

The tornado have to leave the Olympic circuit. It think it's a pity that from now on we will miss the multihull.

On the other hand women matchracing will replace what today is the Yngling event. The boat is not yet decided.

The Vote

The voting was extremely close and there was a palpable sense of tension in the meeting room as the Council awaited the results. In total there were 36 ballot papers (two Council members did not vote after declaring a conflict of interest, and the President saved his vote in the case of a tie).

The results of the vote were:

Men – top six events selected

One person dinghy – Men (36 votes)
Windsurfer – Men (35 votes)
Two person dinghy – Men (34 votes)
Two person dinghy high performance – Men (34 votes)
One person dinghy heavy – Men (33 votes)
Keelboat – Men (23 votes)
Multihull – Men or Open (21 votes)

Women – top four events selected

One person dinghy – Women (35 votes)
Windsurfer – Women (34 votes)
Two person dinghy – Women (31 votes)
Keelboat match racing – Women (21 votes)
Two person dinghy high performance – Women (20 votes)
Multihull – Women (3 votes)


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jesper Radich takes the 16th Berlin Match Race

The 16th Berlin mach race ended with sun and Jesper Radich as winner against the local favorite Markus Wieser.

After the 3rd round robin Radich choose Hestbaeck as opponent for the semifinal. The 2 Danish teams delivered a trilling duel, with several lead changes and spectacular mark rounding’s Jesper Radich qualified for the final with a 2:1 against Michael Hestbaeck.

In the other semifinal Markus Wieser qualified for the final against Damien Iehl with a clear 2:0 victory.

After 2 days with cold temperatures the sun finally came and the several hundred spectators on the 3 large vessels with the charismatic life comments from Christoph Schumann where ready to follow the final races.

They were all decided in the prestart by Jesper Radich, Markus Wieser never gave up until the end, despite that, the final result is 3:0 for Jesper Radich.

In the petite final Damien Iehl came out as winner with 2:1 against Micheal Hestbaeck .

Final results:
1. Radich
2. Wieser
3. Iehl
4. Hestbaek
5. Lindberg
6. Ian Ainslie
7. 8. Destremeau
7. 8. Monnin
9. 10. Vitloft
9. 10. Hansen
11. 12. Mirsky
11. 12. Willim


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Match Race Berlin Day 2, 4 semifianlists are choosen

Although the day remained grey and the sailors were accompanied by a constant drizzle, unlike yesterday Rasmus supplied the sailors with suitable conditions for all necessary Flights to be completed.

Due to fairly constant wind forces, despite some unexpected changes in direction, the second match day was completed without major problems. A cold, yet exciting day for both spectators and competitors. Two large pleasure boats were provided by the chatter Riedel, thus supplying spectator tribunes for over 1000 onlookers.

Ian Ainslie (South Africa), Jesper Radich and Michael Hestbaek the two Danes, the Frenchman Damien Iehl, the Finn Staffan Lindberg as well as the cup defender Markus Wieser qualified themselves for the second round robin.

The round robin three proved that there is a strong field here in Berlin, and thus tomorrow is bound to provide us with further nerve wrecking matches. All of the four qualified competitors have confirmed that they possess the talent to compete in the 16. Berlin Match race finals on Sunday. Thus this years competitors once again promise a rather exciting match day tomorrow, where it is truly impossible to predict a favourite.

Semifinalits are

Markus Wieser (Germany)
Michael Hestbaek (Denmark)
Jerper Radich (Denmark)
Damien Iehl (France)

Berlin day 1

Erster Tag_Jeser Radich
Photo (c) Stephan Zimmermann

The drawings for the two round robin groups on Thursday, which resulted in both German helmsmen not competing until the afternoon of the first match day, the starting shot was fired punctually at 11.00 o’clock. Accordingly, Staffan Lindberg (Finland), Torvar Mirsky (Australia), Ian Ainslie (South Africa), Jesper Radich (Denmark), Rasmus Viltoft (Denmark) and Sebatien Destremeau (France) matched one another, competing for places one, two and three. A ranking to determine who will move into round robin 3.

Weather conditions were as followed: the typical cold, grey November day with a continuous drizzle at wind strength 2Bft.

Both America’s Cup participants, Ainslie of Team Shosholoza (south Africa) and Radich, sailing for Desafio (Spain), satisfied their role of favourites from the start. After four Flights and four wins, both are tied for first place. Thus the winner of this group will be determined following their encounter on match day two, tomorrow.

Round robin two commenced, after a short delay, with the two German helmsmen Markus Wieser and Andreas Willim, as well as the Swede Björn Hansen, the Dane Michael Haestbaek, the Swiss Eric Monnin and the Frenchman Damien Iehl ready to compete. Unfortunately the wind and weather were not consistent enough to complete the essential four matches, and thus have been postponed to tomorrow.

Whilst Markus Wieser, the German favourite, commenced this first match day with a range of results, an initial victory against Andreas Willim, his fellow countryman, followed by a lost match against the Swiss Eric Monnin, his fellow competitor Iehl finished the day with a double victory.

Consequently as Rasmus lacked compassion for today’s competitors, the race committee was forced to postpone the missing two races to tomorrow morning.

See more pictures from Berlin


Friday, November 02, 2007

ISAF Annual Conference

For the next 10 days representatives of the whole sailing world will be discussing and deciding on the matters of sailing future during ISAF Annual Conference held in Estoril, Portugal.
The "crucial point" of this year's meeting will be the selection of events for the Olympic Games 2012. Due to the IOC requirement, sailing was deprived of 1 event and instead of 11 as run so far we will be able to have only 10 sailing events in London.
Such a serious decision of IOC caused a huge concern about sailing presence in the Games in general as well as vision of peril for many International Class Associations. The big question is now which event will be thrown away???

Nevertheless, despite hard decisions to be taken there is also a chance for match racing to return as the olympic format. Number of submissions have been issued to ISAF supporting the keelboat for women as one of the 10 olympic events followed by the change of format from fleet racing to match racing. A lot of MNAs stand at the position that women match racing can help our discipline to become more media friendly and show sailing as the sport full of passion, excitment, adrenaline and high performance. Will this attitude convince ISAF to include match racing as the new olympic format?

First steps will be taken by ISAF Committees reporting to Events Committee about their recommendations. On November 7, second step will take place during Events Committee meeting which is one of the most important committees on deciding the events and equipment used at the Olympic Games. Recommendation of Events Committee will be then strongly considered by ISAF Council who will decide if at least women match racing will face the olympic challenge in 2012.

Stay with us for more up-dates on this issue.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

AC90 is born

The new rule is burn....go and read details on: america's cup webpage