Sunday, June 24, 2007

Russell Coutts’ Team Omega wins the 4th RC44 Championship Tour Event in Lugano

Photo credit: Team Lightbay - Russell Coutts' Team Omega ahead of Mascalzone Latino and Team Light Bay

A spectacular day on Lake Lugano saw Coutts' team win the first RC44 event in Switzerland.
Lugano (CH), 23 June 2007 – Pristine conditions in Lugano provided the perfect setting for Team Omega to win the first RC44 event in Switzerland. Team Omega’s helmsman, Ronnie Pieper, Vice President of the Swiss Sailing Federation, was delighted with the win.
In today’s racing, Team Lightbay celebrated another first, while Mascalzone Latino showed consistent improvement with two second place finishes and a win in the final race.
Despite Team Omega’s collision with Mascalzone Latino during the start of Race 6, the team was ready to race this morning, having swiftly installed their new ‘crash bow’ yesterday evening.
It seemed fitting that three-time America’s Cup winner, Russell Coutts win the RC44 Lugano Yacht Club Cup on the first day of the 32nd America’s Cup. Second place overall went to Mascalzone Latino, followed by Team Aqua in third and Lightbay in fourth.
The owners and their crews will now begin preparing for the challenging conditions of Lake Garda for the next event of the RC44 Championship Tour, from 12-15 July.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Complete entry list for MATCH CUP SWEDEN

All skippers are now ready to sail in the World Match Racing Tour's Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand, July 2-8. Today the two last places, 15 and 16, were filled with two top, Nordic sailors from the America's Cup. The final two skippers are Sweden's Mattias Rahm, strategist and second helmsman onboard Victory Challenge, and Denmark's Jesper Radich, from the Spanish boat Desafio Espanol.

Entry List
Ian Williams (O1), Great Britain
Peter Gilmour (O4), Australia
Eric Monnin (O15), Switzerland
Jenny Axhede (W7), Sweden
Sebastien Col (O3), France
Gavin Brady (AC), Nya Zealand
Bjorn Hansen (O8), Sweden
Magnus Holmberg (AC), Sweden
Claire Leroy, Frankrike (W1), France
Malin Millbourn (W13), Sweden
Simon Minoprio (O21), Nya Zealand
Eugeniy Neugodnikov, (O6), Russia
Mathieu Richards (O2), France
Johnnie Berntsson (O14), Sweden
Jesper Radich (O88), Denmark
Mattias Rahm (AC), Sweden

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Match Race European 2007 in Sopot

Image (c) Juerg Kaufmann

This year the MR Europeans will be in Sopot Poland from the 18th - 22nd July. last year the Sopot match race Training Center organized the polish grade 1, organsation wich will ensure a professional organisation of the europeans.

The entry list
  • Staffan Lindberg (FIN) ISAF ranking: 9
  • Pierre Antoine Morvan (FRA) ISAF ranking: 13
  • Eric Monnin (SUI) ISAF ranking: 15
  • Peter Wibroe (DEN) ISAF ranking: 16
  • Andreas Willim (GER) ISAF ranking: 18
  • Andrew Arbuzov (RUS) ISAF ranking: 23
  • Jure Orel (SLO) ISAF ranking:25
  • Marek Stanczyk (POL) ISAF ranking: 31
  • Dario Kilba (CRO) ISAF ranking: 36
  • Jacopo Pasini (ITA) ISAF ranking: 38
  • Przemek Tarnacki (POL) ISAF ranking: 42
  • Rui Boia (POR) ISAF ranking: 66

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slovenia Match Race Cup goes to Republic South Africa

Ian Ainslie along with his crew Golden Mgedeza, Solli Dipere in Szabi Waes, realized his match racing experience gathered in the last four years at the top level, while sailing for team Shosholoza in the AC campaign.

Results Slovenia Match Race Cup
1. Ian Ainslie (RSA), 2. Tomislav Bašić (CRO), 3. Matteo Simoncelli (ITA), 4. Piere-Antoine Morvan (FRA), 5. Andreas Willim (GER), 6. Torvar Mirsky (AUS), 7. Jure Orel (SLO), 8. Dario Kliba (CRO), 9. Andrew Arbuzov (RUS), 10. Przemek Tarnacki (POL).
Read more about in the matchrace event section

Extreme40 Multihull Sailing

Hi guys
it's not about matchrace but it's cool anyway, had the chance to do the bol d'or on an extreme40 from OCevents, great feeling allmost like flying.....

Click on the pictures to see more of them:

Monday, June 18, 2007


On 7-10 June, the Circolo Nautico G. Marconi in Santa Marinella hosted the Trofeo Marconi. The international field consisted of ten teams from France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, GBR, Australia and South Africa, at this Grade
3 match racing event and World Tour qualifier.
Champagne sailing conditions persisted throughout the first three days and after the round robin was complete on Saturday afternoon Frenchman Victor Lanier led with an 8-1 win-loss score line. South Africa and Team Shosholoza's Ian Ainslie lay second (7-2). Ali Hall, representing the Volvo Keelboat Squad, finished 3rd (7-2), with German skipper Tino Ellegast (6-3) also progressing to the semi finals.
The semis were hard fought but in the end Lanier and Ainslie emerged as clear victors over Ellegast and Hall.
Ainslie subsequently took all the plaudits and the Trofeo Marconi 3-0 in a relatively one-sided final against Lanier. Meanwhile, in the petit-final, Hall came back from 0-2 down to secure third place in a fifth and final race clincher.

1. Ian Ainslie, RSA
2. Victor Lanier, FRA
3. Ali Hall, GBR

Thursday, June 14, 2007

News from Valencia

Source: New Zealand Herald

While Team New Zealand were enjoying a couple of well-earned days off, their America's Cup rivals Alinghi are bashing it out against Luna Rossa on the Mediterranean.
Again the pair ran through a couple of starting sequences before sailing two races. Starting maestro James Spithill was at the helm of Luna Rossa's
ITA94 on the first day but yesterday the Italians had back-up Phillipe Presti steering.
With Ed Baird at the helm of what looked like SUI91, Alinghi won both races, which were sailed in very light conditions.
Practising starts was also on the agenda on the first day of racing between the pair, when it was Baird against Spithill. Both starts appeared to be quite aggressive.
The teams then sailed a near full course and Luna Rossa won.
Some noted the Alinghi crew work in that race was less than slick. The defenders also tore a spinnaker.
With the America's Cup now less than two weeks away, Alinghi are wanting to make sure their crew work is as polished as that of Emirates Team New Zealand - who have come through the Louis Vuitton challenger series battle-hardened.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Danish Open Match Race

source: Flemming Vitus

The official entry list for the 2007 Danish Open, the 10th event in the World Match Racing Tour 2006/2007 season, is complete, and it is an impressive list of skippers and crews who have accepted the invitation to sail at the event. The Danish open will take place out from Skovshoved Harbour, north of Copenhagen, from the 8th of August until the 12th.

Among the eleven confirmed skippers are last year’s winner and runner up (Sebastian Col and Jesper Bank respectively); the ISAF Match Race ranking list is represented by skippers placed 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 and 16 and the World Match Racing Tour is represented by skippers placed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 in that ranking. Six of the skippers have been involved in the 32nd America’s Cup, so there is no doubt that this will be a very exiting event to follow. The 12th and final entry is reserved for the winner of the Danish Open Qualification event held off Middelfart, Denmark on August 4th – 5th. August.

Apart from earning valuable points for the World Match Racing Tour ranking the sailors will also compete for the $60,000 prize purse. The final event of World Match Racing Tour will be the Monsoon Cup in Malaysia where the official ISAF Match Race World Champion will be crowned.

The following skippers will compete in Danish Open 2007:
Ian Williams
Mathieu Richard
Sebastién Col
Paolo Cian
Björn Hansson
Staffan Lindberg
Jesper Bank
Peter Wibroe
Phillipe Presti
Sten Mohr
Jesper Radich

For more than 10 years the Royal Matchrace Center, the Royal Danish Yacht Club and Skovshoved Yacht Club have been organizing international match race events at Skovshoved Harbour – just north of Copenhagen.

Skovshoved Harbour is the perfect venue where the racing takes place just a few yards from the spectators that in their thousands line the Harbour pier and fill the many stands set up for the occasion. A large VIP hospitality facility fully caters for the many guests invited by the sponsors.

Altogether the spectators, guests and sailors are treated to the particularly relaxed and friendly atmosphere that makes the Danish Open such a special and well supported event.

Racing begins Thursday August 9th with a Round Robin followed by semifinals on the Saturday and the final on Sunday August 12th.

Slovenia Match Race Cup

This weekend starts the Slovenia Match Race Cup (grade 2) in Izola with many top ranked skippers . An interesting line-up is guaranteed with 1.,2.,3. and 4. from Blurimini grade 2 (two weeks ago) and 1. and 3. from Sails of White Nights grade2 (last weekend). If weather improves as expected, it will surely be a challenging event on the J-24 sailboats,and the host Jure Orel will have a tough job proving ' home court' advantage.

Enrty List
-Pierre-Antoine MORVAN /11/ FRA
14/ ITA
-Andreas WILLIM/19/GER
-Jure OREL/20/SLO
-Andrew ARBUZOV/30/RUS
-Torvar MIRSKY/35/AUS
-Dario KLIBA/
-Przemek TARNACKI/48/POL
-Tomislav BAŠIČ/355/CRO

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weather Forcast

Wednesday 6 June 2007

High pressure builds to the east, sunshine and sea breeze

Southeasterly sea breeze 9-11 knots develops and veers to south southeast throughout the afternoon. Clear skies, warmer and dry.

Temperature 24 degrees.

Outlook Thursday
Warmer, more sunshine and sea breeze.

Temperature 26 degrees.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cronaca di una morte annunciata

Photo (c) Chris Cameron

Is this the end for Luna Rossa or do they come back in the last moment?
Last year right before the soccer world championships the entire Italian soccer team was on destroyed on the ground involved in a incredible corruption case.
What happened?
They won the Championship, many times in the Italian history in similar occasions the "azurri" proved to be able to stand up and fight.
Maybe this time it’s different, the Kiwi boat seems really fast, and it's even able to squeeze out an opponent as we saw today in the first beat.
On the other hand, today James really did a great start, starting vessel, clearly favored and he gets a split start with Dean down at the pin end and James starting to the right on the favored side. Well done!
What’s next?
Alinghi be careful the kiwis are fast and guess happy with their boat, however before thinking about the cup  it’s good to reconsider the performance of Desafio against during ETNZ.
This team starting from scratch without a previous AC campaign managed to take 2 points against ETNZ in the semifinal, what a great performance!
Would be interesting to see a how Luna Rossa would do against Desafio in a 5 points to win sail off?
Let’s wait and see the outcome of tomorrow…maybe the kiwis will give Luna Rossa a chance to make at least a point.

Grand Dalton: be a gentleman before giving Luna Rossa "il colpo di grazia".


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Weather Forecast

Tuesday 5 June 2007

Weak low pressure over southern Spain, cloudy

Light northeasterly gradient breeze early in the day, then veers to east 12-14 knots before decreasing later in the afternoon. More lower level cloud than recently and hence cooler, but remaining dry.

Temperature 22 degrees.

Outlook Wednesday
Light southeasterly breeze. Clear skies and warmer.
Temperature 24 degrees.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Commenting the LVC Final on TV

Photo (c) Chris Cameron

Firts 3 races of the LVC Final are over, Emirates Team New Zealand is leading 3:0 against Luna Rossa the Italian team. I the TV Studio from the Televisione Svizzera Italiana we are commenting every day this races, it a great pleasure to work with professionals like Giordano De Lucia journalist from the TV and Flavio Favini, Mascalzone Latino’s helmsmen.
For me it’s the first time commenting life on tv a sailing regatta. It’s not so easy to talk all the time, as umpire we are trained to describe a situation based on the rules within a few words, not missing any rules relevant part and not talking more as necessary, here in the TV it’s all different.
Imagine the spectators if they here “Luna rossa on port give way and ETNZ starboard right of way” not considering to use all our sailing slang words such as “rolling over” situation of yesterday in during the pre-start after the long dial up….ups again one of this words. Anyway Dial up is when both boats are heat to wind and not moving at all, really boring to watch for non sailors and the talking we do makes it hopfully "inetresting".
Today we have a day off and from Tuesday onwards we will be again in the box commenting the races. I'm sure that Luna Rossa in the mean time is working hard to reflect and regroup there team, guys we payed the ticket for 9 races so come back on Tuesday and win the match.


RC44: Team Aqua conquers the Oeiras Cup in great style

The Oeiras Cup ended up in style today, with one coastal race alongside the beautiful Portuguese coast followed by two fleet races. With two second and a third places, Team Aqua confirms its leadership over the class, conquering both the fleet race contest and the overall title.

Oeiras (POR), 3 June 2007 – The six RC 44’s teams involved in the Oeiras Cup started the day with a challenging coastal race across the Tagus River. Team Omega and Cro-A-Sail, the principal contenders to Team Aqua’s domination, made an unexpected gift to their opponent by crossing the line a couple of seconds before the start gun. However, this proved later on not to be a real issue.
Indeed, the course was taking the competitors in a tricky area alongside the Tower of Belem (where Vasco de Gama set sails on its way to India in 1498) and the famous Lisbon bridge; an area with windless patches followed by unpredictable 20 knots gusts…
As a consequence, Team Aqua - leader at the first mark - suddenly found itself at the back of the fleet, before fighting its way back to the top. Going from zero to hero, the Japanese team Beecom benefited from a gust to overtake the whole fleet and take the provisory lead.
The game of cat and mouse lasted approximately fourty minutes. The first boats to reach the stronger offshore wind were naturally the first to fly away. Team Aqua was the one, followed by Beecom and Team Light Bay. As for Team Omega, V1 Racing and Cro-A-Sail, they lost all their hopes at this stage, seeing their opponents fly away whilst stuck in the heart of the town…
A few minutes before the end of the race, Beecom managed to overtake Team Aqua. Team Light Bay finished third, followed by Team Omega, Team V1 Racing and Cro-A-Sail.
The Race Committee then organised two more fleet races, allowing the competitors to conclude the event after a total of nine races.
Team Omega took its revenge by winning both. Race eight saw a nice dual between the two leaders, Omega finishing slightly ahead of Team Aqua. Further back, Beecom got once again stuck in a rounding mark and had to abandon the race; kind of a Japanese speciality this week…
Finally, the last race of the Oeiras Cup 2007 saw another victory of Coutts’s team ahead of Team Aqua and Beecom. Very short and intense, the race saw a crewmember onboard Cro-A-Sail fall over boar, luckily with no further damage.
Today’s races were a great conclusion to the Oeiras Cup. All together, the six teams involved sailed a whole round robin, eight fleet races and one coastal race. A great achievement. Winner of the Portoroz Cup and second of the Croatia Boat Show Cup earlier this season, Team Aqua increases its lead in the RC 44 Championship Tour, ahead of Cro-A-Sail, Team Omega and Beecom.
The next regatta on the calendar is the Lugano Yacht Club Cup, in Switzerland, between June 20-23


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Luna Rossa is biting on steel

Photo (c) Chris Cameron

This is hard to digest for Luna Rossa, yesterday they focused on a good start not paying to much attention to the side. Today they got the right side but agiang a to expensive price. Dean invited James in to a dial down right before the start which forced the Italian a bear away hardly and forcing James to be late at the line.
Right after the start Luna Rossa had to tack away to the right side and the wind shifted slowly to the left and again a hard bill to pay for the Italians.
The kiwis are sailing by the bock, they tacked 23 times, no mistakes, the team is working like a Swiss watch not giving any chance to the Italians.
Yesterday on the run the Kiwis struggled to increase there lead, but not today.
During the second beat Luna Rossa gave everything to get back in the game tacking duel agin. ETNZ pushes Luna Rossa more and more to the right. Up at the weather mark the Kiwis coming in on port had all the time prepare the foredeck for the run, Luna Rossa approaching the mark 30 seconds lather had to tack and bear away to the downwind course, allowing the kiwis to extend their lead again.
Torben was pushing hard even on the run forcing ETNZ to one gybe after the other, and again we could see a perfect teamwork. The staysail cam up very fast after every gybe on both boats, but no way to reduce the gap.
With a lead of 40 seconds ETNZ sores 2:0 in this final.
Difficult situation for Luna Rossa, tomorrow they need a win to reduce the pressure on the team. Before the cup there was a lot of talking about the fastest boat being the winner, now
it looks like there is no much speed difference between the boats witch give a stronger weight to the human factor.
Let’s hope that Luna Rossa makes the point which give them a chance to catch up and us spectators a longer show.

Juerg Kaufmann

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Weather Forcast for Valencia

Saturday 2 June 2007

More sea breeze, plenty of sunshine but high cloud moves in later. Southeasterly gradient breeze combines with a developing sea breeze to produce 12-14 knots
troughout the afternoon and a shift towards south southeast as the day progresses.
Warm and dry.
Temperature 24 degrees.

Outlook Sunday – Southerly sea breeze. Dry less cloud.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Great show in Valencia

That’s exactly what we all expected, an intense race between the 2 LVC finalists.

Both team did a great job ETNZ managed to get the right at the start, maybe also as it looked like LR was going for the leeward of ETNZ and ending up on the left side.

Now the wind in Valencia is up and stable at 13 – 15 knots and therefore it turns with the sun to the right during the day. The race started at 110 and slowly it went to 140 together with the sun.

In the first upwind the right shift gave ETNZ a small chance and by the book they capitalized on it. LR managed to stay close the entire race. They did not waste any chance to take over the lead, however ETNZ managed to defend all of there attacks.

During the first run the kiwis managed to extend a bit there lead but on the following beat James went in to a hard taking duel and catching up meter by meter.

The second run was simply fantastic, we all believed hat LR would be slower but even here they gaind meter after meter unfortunately not enough to overtake the lead and therefore the standing for today 1:0 for the kiwis.

Well done for both teams, we look forward to see more tomorrow.


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