Thursday, December 20, 2007

UBS Match Race Award

It has always been one of the aim of to support upcoming and new talented team, therefore it’s pleasure to let you know that the team from Gian Luca Perris who recently won the match race in Montecarlo has been awarded with the UBS Match Race Award:

Read what Gian Luca wrote us today:

The end of 2007 gave us good news.

Dangerous but Fun Match Race Team had the honor to receive the UBS sailing awards, and I had the chance, as helmsmen, to take it from the Prince Albert (Attached you find a picture of the event. Yes I am really happy).

Once again I like to remind to us all that I practice the best team sport of the world. I share this price with the rest of the team: Francois Brenac (Tactician and main sail trimmer), Philippe Buchart (head sails trimmer) and Romuald Chasseray (bowman) that performed remarkably during the all season.

I personally dedicate this award to my father Michele that, among many other things, transmitted me the passion for the sea and for sailing.

I take the occasion to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.

Gian Luca Perris

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