Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jesper Radich takes the 16th Berlin Match Race

The 16th Berlin mach race ended with sun and Jesper Radich as winner against the local favorite Markus Wieser.

After the 3rd round robin Radich choose Hestbaeck as opponent for the semifinal. The 2 Danish teams delivered a trilling duel, with several lead changes and spectacular mark rounding’s Jesper Radich qualified for the final with a 2:1 against Michael Hestbaeck.

In the other semifinal Markus Wieser qualified for the final against Damien Iehl with a clear 2:0 victory.

After 2 days with cold temperatures the sun finally came and the several hundred spectators on the 3 large vessels with the charismatic life comments from Christoph Schumann where ready to follow the final races.

They were all decided in the prestart by Jesper Radich, Markus Wieser never gave up until the end, despite that, the final result is 3:0 for Jesper Radich.

In the petite final Damien Iehl came out as winner with 2:1 against Micheal Hestbaeck .

Final results:
1. Radich
2. Wieser
3. Iehl
4. Hestbaek
5. Lindberg
6. Ian Ainslie
7. 8. Destremeau
7. 8. Monnin
9. 10. Vitloft
9. 10. Hansen
11. 12. Mirsky
11. 12. Willim


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