Saturday, June 02, 2007

Luna Rossa is biting on steel

Photo (c) Chris Cameron

This is hard to digest for Luna Rossa, yesterday they focused on a good start not paying to much attention to the side. Today they got the right side but agiang a to expensive price. Dean invited James in to a dial down right before the start which forced the Italian a bear away hardly and forcing James to be late at the line.
Right after the start Luna Rossa had to tack away to the right side and the wind shifted slowly to the left and again a hard bill to pay for the Italians.
The kiwis are sailing by the bock, they tacked 23 times, no mistakes, the team is working like a Swiss watch not giving any chance to the Italians.
Yesterday on the run the Kiwis struggled to increase there lead, but not today.
During the second beat Luna Rossa gave everything to get back in the game tacking duel agin. ETNZ pushes Luna Rossa more and more to the right. Up at the weather mark the Kiwis coming in on port had all the time prepare the foredeck for the run, Luna Rossa approaching the mark 30 seconds lather had to tack and bear away to the downwind course, allowing the kiwis to extend their lead again.
Torben was pushing hard even on the run forcing ETNZ to one gybe after the other, and again we could see a perfect teamwork. The staysail cam up very fast after every gybe on both boats, but no way to reduce the gap.
With a lead of 40 seconds ETNZ sores 2:0 in this final.
Difficult situation for Luna Rossa, tomorrow they need a win to reduce the pressure on the team. Before the cup there was a lot of talking about the fastest boat being the winner, now
it looks like there is no much speed difference between the boats witch give a stronger weight to the human factor.
Let’s hope that Luna Rossa makes the point which give them a chance to catch up and us spectators a longer show.

Juerg Kaufmann

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