Friday, June 01, 2007

Great show in Valencia

That’s exactly what we all expected, an intense race between the 2 LVC finalists.

Both team did a great job ETNZ managed to get the right at the start, maybe also as it looked like LR was going for the leeward of ETNZ and ending up on the left side.

Now the wind in Valencia is up and stable at 13 – 15 knots and therefore it turns with the sun to the right during the day. The race started at 110 and slowly it went to 140 together with the sun.

In the first upwind the right shift gave ETNZ a small chance and by the book they capitalized on it. LR managed to stay close the entire race. They did not waste any chance to take over the lead, however ETNZ managed to defend all of there attacks.

During the first run the kiwis managed to extend a bit there lead but on the following beat James went in to a hard taking duel and catching up meter by meter.

The second run was simply fantastic, we all believed hat LR would be slower but even here they gaind meter after meter unfortunately not enough to overtake the lead and therefore the standing for today 1:0 for the kiwis.

Well done for both teams, we look forward to see more tomorrow.


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