Thursday, May 17, 2007

Desafio Espanol beats Emirates TNZ


Yesterday all sailing channels, portals and other media got crazy. Desafio Espanol managed to beat Emirates Team NZ. Everyone started wondering if this can be big breakpoint in the LVC semi finals. Dean Barker lost a match with Karol Jablonski who sailed better game yesterday and even caught Kiwi on penalty during pre-start maneouvres.

"Team New Zealand was the only team with which we haven't won yet. After two painful defeats we needed that victory. We knew that we are able to beat Kiwis and we were aware that it would be difficult task but for sure not impossible one! I sailed the pre-start very agressively and though we got into the box from the left hand unfavourable side I gained control over my opponent after two gybes. While approching the line to start, at around 50 second to the gun, Dean Barker made a gybe and forced me to make an immediate change of course. And for this Kiwi got a penalty what gave us advantage before the start that we kept until the finish. Now whole Spain is celebrating this great victory. 2:1 is better than 3:0." - summed up Karol Jablonski, skipper of Desafio Espanol.

More on LVC semi finals to come tommorow. Stay with us.

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