Friday, April 20, 2007

Valencia: New Schedule for Round Robin 1 and 2

Source: Challenger Commission

At 0800 this morning at the Jury Meeting Room in the ACM offices there will be a meeting of Louis Vuitton Cup competitors. This has been called by the Regatta Director, Dyer Jones, to consider a significant rescheduling of racing for Rounds Robin 1 and 2.

This in response to the unprecedented (at least for the LVC) four days of postponed racing, and with the prospects for more postponements today and through the weekend due forecasts for continuing light winds.

This meeting will also, in effect, be a meeting of the Challenger Commission as the CC's advice and consent is required for what would be a significant amendment to the Notice of Race governing the Louis Vuitton Cup regatta.

The past two evening the CC's Notice of Race working party has met with Commodore Jones, ACM's CEO and COO, and Race Officers Peter Reggio and Harold Bennett to go over the "what-ifs", and a proposed new schedule of racing for Rounds Robin 1 and 2 has been drafted.
If embraced by the Challengers at this morning's meeting, it means, in effect, that we would "re-boot" the regatta.

Under the current schedule today is already a reserve day, and in accordance with the NOR Flights 1 and 2 postponed from Monday have automatically been rescheduled to today. The idea is to start anew, and reschedule racing from tomorrow (Saturday) as if the RR1 started today.

That means Flights 3 and 4 tomorrow, 5 and 6 Sunday, etc., with a re-shuffle of race and reserve days to fit in all 20 races of RR1 and RR2 between now and the 8th or 9th (or maybe 10th) of May.Of course we will post the results of this morning's meeting here on the CCB when we get a change later this morning.

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