Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blurimini - Day 1 News

First day at the Blurimini Match Race Gr. 2, after the skipper meeting some and some minor material change the race management could start the competion on the water.
8 mayches have been sailed.
Jesper Feldt is leading the round robin with 2 wins.

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BoatU.S Santa Maria Cup started

The first flight of round robin of BoatU.S Santa Maria Cup Women's Grade 1 event has been completed. So far American Elizabeth Baylis, Italian Giulia Conti and Australian Katie Spithill are having two wins on their account. Still they haven't met in the same match yet so big emotions are still ahead.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Hakuna Matata - busy match race weekend in europe

The coming weekend will be one of the busiest weekends of this season.
In Germany, Langenargen will stop over the World Match Race Tour as a Gr. 1, In Switzerland, Lugano a Gr. 2 and in Italy, Rimini the traditional Blurimini Gr 2.
It seems that all tre organizers where a bit in competition to each other to get the best sailors.
Especially as a few top ranked teams stay in Valencia.
MATCHRACE.CH will be on site in Rimini and in Langenargen and write about the races.

This event overload has a very positive side effect, young teams get invited to join top ranked events and have a chance to show there potential.

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BoatU.S Santa Maria Cup - Women's Grade 1 event


The ISAF 2006 Women Match Racing World Championship has just finished but we are standing on another pre-start to Women's Grade 1 event that will take place in Annapolis, USA.
All 10 invitations have been accepted, and the field is set. An impressive array of sailors will descend upon the Eastport Yacht Club May 31 through June 3, to contest for the BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup. The sailors representing 3 continents will compete:

1/ Katie Spithill - Australia
2/ Italian Olympic hopeful Giulia Conti
3/ Lorenza Mariani - Italy
4/ Christelle Philippe - France
5/ Jen Provan - Canada
6/ Elizabeth Baylis - former BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup winner from USA
7/ Carol Cronin - 2004 US Yngling Olympian
8/ Katy Pyle-Lovell - United States
9/ Deb Capozzi - United States
10/Jo Ann Fisher - United States

Today and tommorow registartion and practice are planned with first racing day to be held on Wednesday.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

ACI Adris Match Race - Berntsson wins 3-1 against Gilmour


The sweedish skipper Johnie Berntsson is the winner of the 20th edition of the ACI Adris Match Race Cup. In the grand finale he defeated the Frenchman Mathieu Richard with a score of 3-1. The third place went to the Australian Peter Gilmour. He defeated the Italian Paolo Cian in the little finals, in both flights. Berntsson made it to the finals after two excellent round robins, with 18 victories and just 2 defeats, and a tight score in the semi-finals (3-2) against Paolo Cian. Mathieu Richard defeated the No.1 on the ISAF ranking list, Peter Gilmour, with a score of 3-1. At the end, we can all agree that the 20th ACI Adris Match Race Cup went by in ideal sailing conditions, except for the rainy first day, and that all the contestants did their best to give us all an unforgettable event on the sea. The audience had a chance to witness a series of exciting duels. This was expected, with the world’s best skippers and crews that gathered in Rovinj.

Womem Match Race Worlds - Dorte is the new World Champion

Women Match Racing World Champion Team

Source: Flemming Vitus / Gordon Smith

Dorte O. Jensen and her crew of Gitte Bjerregård, Lea Olsen, Tine Kjærgård, Helle Jespersen and Nathalia Nyeland won the World Championship. A classic Swedish-Danish Finals match was fought in front of a huge crowd of spectators in Skovshoved Denmark.

No. 1 Dorte O. Jensen
No. 2 Marie Björling
No. 3 Linda Rahm
No. 4 Lotte Meldgaard

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Womens Worlds - Claire Leroy top of her game in Skovshoved 

Claire Leroy from France had an ideal start at the Ladies Match Race World Championships held at Skovshoved in Denmark.

Both physically and mentally the competitors on the first day of the Dexia Private Banking ISAF 2006 Women's Match Racing World Championship were tested with formidable challenges. This has been a classic example of why Match Race has become one of the most popular forms of racing out on the water The wind has been blowing up to gale force, fortunately without gusting, and the sky has alternated between bright sunshine and heavy rain all of which seems to increase the intensity of the already competitive sailing.

Claire Leroy has been one of the sailors that have had the most to celebrate so far with 4 wins and 1 loss, however she was not happy with her loss to Dutch sailor Klaartje Zuiderbann.

Read more in the sections Match Race Events.

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ACI Adris Cup - Berntsson leads rond robin 1

Round robin 1 almost done, leader is Johnie Berntssone folowed by Bjöern Hansen both with 7 points.
Gilmor and Cian with 6 points, match between them to be sailed soon.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

ACI Adris Cup - Kliba beats Gilmour


In the second flight of the first round robin of the 20th ACI Adris Match Race Cup, the crew of "Croatia One", under the leadership of Dario Kliba won a prestigious victory over the world's number one match racer, Peter Gilmour. Thanks to a great start, the croatian skipper managed to maintain control over the opponent and cross the finish line about 10 seconds before the australian skipper. After the last year's victory on ACI Cup in Split, Dario Kliba once again proved he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the world's match racers.

It seems to be an exciting beginning...

All is ready, the only thing left to do is race!

The preparation to 2006 ISAF Women Match Racing World Championship is over and the competitors are ready for action. Yesterday the official opening ceremony took place.
Today we will face the first racing day!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

USA 1 is the new Team Race World Champion

Price Given WSG 06 Team Racing

The new World Champion in Team racing is USA 1: Pletsch Danny, Howe Carrie, Silsby Caleb, Hannon Paige sailing against GBR 3 leaded by Steve Tylecote.

The final was intense since the beginning. After a 1:1 came the 2:2 so the last match will decide the title. Match won the team USA 1 but team GBR 1 had a collision with an umpire boat and asked therefore request of redress, result resail the deciding match.
The crowed on shore was cheering up both teams. Very equal race but team GBR got a penalty at the windward mark and on the last leg the two GBR boat had a collision between themselves resulting in a penalty and USA 1 was the new Team Racing World Champion.

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ACI Adris Match Race Cup 2006 officially opened


Last night ACI Adris Match Race Cup was officially opened. Opening ceremony that took place in ACI marina Rovinj was an announcement to the beginning of the 20th edition of this world wide known regatta that makes a part of the World Match Racing Tour. Anto Violia - ACI d.d. CEO, Kristijan Šuštar - Adris group representative and Maistra general director deputy, Damir Peteh - the regatta director, Giovanni Sponza - Mayor of Rovinj and Peter Gilmour - five time ACI Cup winner, welcomed the visitors and guests of the 20th ACI Adris Match Race Cup, among whom were the president of Croatian Olympic Committee, Zlatko Mateša.
In charge for the atmosphere were the Croatian harmony singing group "Luka", for sure one of the best local groups that leaves none indifferent. And last but not least, Robert Ferlin took care that everything turns out just perfect.
Today first races will be held...
Good luck to all teams!

Go girls, go!

Today ISAF 2006 Women's Match Racing World Championship will start with 12 skippers fighting for the World Champion title. Will the game be tough? Who's going to stand on the top podium? These and more will come in due course. will keep you up-to-date with the latest news from Denmark.
Till then I invite you to read more about the event on Match Race Events section when we present the latest press material from yesterday's conference.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What a day !

Today was another special day here in Austria at the World Sailing Games. There was a strong storm announced for last night who didn't come.
This morning after one hour sailing the black heavy clouds came closer and closer.
On the Team Racing we could sail only four matches, looking forward to complete the silver round robin tomorrow.
Cornelia Geiger was out on the Cat course with here camera.
Useless to say, that we hade a special day with this wind looking at the picture from below with the Italian Hobbie Tiger Crew .

Photo © Cornelia Geiger
See the complete series of pictures

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ACI Adris Match Race Cup 2006

It will be for the 20th time that Croatia will host the ACI Adris Match Race Cup - the event that is the part of the World Match Racing Tour. From 23 to 28 May the top ranked skippers will be fighting for the title in Rovinj, Croatia.
12 skippers have been invited to enter the event with Peter Gilmour, the World Tour leader, who is aiming for the 10th career victory in Croatia.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour in Lugano vince Alinghi


Al termine di una domenica splendida con vento da nord, che ha messo a dura prova gli equipaggi per i continui cambi di vento, si è conclusa la prima tappa dello UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour iniziato questo fine di settimana nella svizzera italiana. Con un chiaro due a zero nella finalissima, il team Alinghi -presente a Lugano con Jordi Calafat, Claudio Celon e Peter Evans – si è imposto nella prima delle 5 tappe dello UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour, in programma sui laghi svizzeri quest’estate.
Nonostante il chiaro risultato nell’atto conclusivo, il Team Bienz – con Andrea Bienz, Alain Stettler e Pascal Alder dello Yacht club del lago di Thun, aveva realizzato un percorso perfetto nel Round Robin e nelle semifinali vincendo tutte e 8 le prove e concedendosi anche il lusso di infliggere, nelle fasi di qualificazione, l’unica sconfitta del week end ad Alinghi.
La piccola finale ha invece proposto una vittoria per 2 a 1 andata al terzetto del Circolo Velico Lago di Lugano con al timone lo skipper Sacha De Micheli oltre ad Andrea Bolla e Guido De Sigis, team locale che ha avuto la meglio sull’equipaggio Aloha dello Zürcher Yacht Club dopo una piccola finale davvero avvincente.
Si qualifica per la finalissima di Ginevra del 16 e 17 settembre 2006, il Team Bienz, atto conclusivo al termine del quale sarà assegnato il titolo di campione svizzero 2006 di Match Race.
La prossima tappa dello UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour si terrà a Zurigo il 20 e 21 maggio 2006.


2. BIENZ (Thunersee Yachtclub)
3. DE MICHELI (Circolo Velico Lago di Lugano)
4. ALOHA (Zürcher Yachtclub)
5. MINETTI (Circolo Velico Lago di Lugano)
6. BOHREN Yachtclub Zug)
7. GAUTSCHI (Yachtclub Ascona)
8. VAN DER KRUK (Sailcom Race Group)

Photo (c) Roberto Ghidoni

Photo (c) Roberto Ghidoni

Team Racing World Championship 3 Teams move in to the gold fleet

Three Team Racing Boats Transfer To Gold Fleet
Today was the last day of team racing in Rust, the only venue where racing took place on every day of the qualification series. The second round robin was completed, but the third was cancelled so the teams who will progress to the gold and silver fleets are decided.

USA1 finished first ahead of AUS1 in second and GBR1 in third. These three teams will progress to the gold fleet with the other teams fighting it out to make the quarter final in the silver fleet. USA1, and GBR1 will be joined by three other teams who automatically qualified. They are two teams from the USA and one more from Great Britain.


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Sunday, May 14, 2006

UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour Res Bienz in the lead

After 1 day and almost the entire round robin done, Andreas Bienz is still in the lead followed by Jordi Calfat, Sacha De Micheli and Roger Stocker.
Tomorrow the race committee plans to complete the round robin and sail the semi-finals and the finals.
Qualified for the semis will be the top 4 teams, where the leader will choose his opponent, winner will be the skipper scoring first 2 points.
The final will be between the winners of the 2 semi matches.

Stay tuned for the latest news


Photo (c) Tifmedia

Saturday, May 13, 2006

UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour in Lugano Matches are ongoing

Today is the start of the UBS Alinghi tour in Lugano
5 Flights have been sailed so fare.
Interesting Match Jordi Calafat Reppresenting lost the match against Andreas Bienz
Current leader is Sacha De Micheli from Lugano winning all the matches so fare.
The intersting matche between the top 4 teams are still to be sailed.
The conditions are goos with the breva of 6 - 8 knots (south)

Stay tuned for news


Team Racing World Championship 2nd round robin expected to be completed today

Yesterday the lake Neusidl was calm expect on the Team Racing Course, 28 matches have been sailed after a relaxed morning
Right after Lunch the wind came in a bit shifty in the beginning but after 14.00 stable with 6 - 7 bft.

With the a bit less wind as in the first 2 days, the race became more intense and interesting.

Current leaders are USA 1 followed AUS 1

Friday, May 12, 2006

Team Racing World Championship 2nd round robin started

First round robin is completed, 55 matches in 2 days and we started the second one. Spectacular matches between the 11 teams who are sailing the races on the 420.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

ISAF 2006 Women's Match Racing World Championship

The countdown to the Dexia Private Banking ISAF 2006 Women’s Match Racing World Championship is well underway. The recent press conference that took place at the event venue Skovshoved, Denmark gave a very detailed release about what we can expect during the Championship. It’s important to emphasize that KDY (The Royal Danish Yacht Club) and the Royal Match Race Center in Skovshoved have, for a long time, looked forward to the first big sailing event of the year here in Denmark. And believe me it looks exciting!

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Team Racing World Championship at the World Sailing Games

Hi all
Since yesterday we are here in Austria at the World Sailing Games 06 on the lake Neusiedl.

The plan for the next days is to run 2 round robin of 55 matches each, after this stage we will go in to the final stage with a gold and a silver fleet, quarterfinals, semis and final.
The final stage will be held in front of the yacht club in Neusiedln.

Right now we are running the event with 11 teams; three additional seeded teams will join the group in the final stage of the event.
Mostly we have only 2 teams, 4 boats on the course who last around 5 minutes, due to this short course we could run 22 matches with the following results:

AUS 1: 4 points
FRA 1: 3 points
GBR2: 3 points
USA 1: 3 points
USA 4: 3 points
CZE1: 2 points
GBR 1: 1 point
GER 1: 0 points


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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

News from Desafio: ESP 88 ready for tests

New boat Desafio Espanol ESP 88 is finally ready for tests. Today the mast was settled in the boat. The first days will be focused on structural tests. The aim is to participate on the new boat in Louis Vuitton Cup ACT 12 that will be held in June.
The offcial christening of ESP 88 will take place on Friday, May 12. Among 1000 invited guests the most expected person is King Juan Carlos.

Karol Jablonski

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Karol Jablonski about ESP 88

Karol Jablonski is the skipper from the Desafío Español

The new boat for Desafio Espanol ESP-88 has reached the base of Spanish syndicate on Sunday.
Over 25 000 hours, that's the time the team consiting of 22 professionals from New Zealand had to spent to build the brand new boat, "racing machine" in the Alginet shipyard located 20 km to south from Valencia.
Presently, ESP-88 is being prepared in the Desafio Espanol base for the first tests that are planned to take place in few days. If they turn out to be successful, it may happen that the team will participate on it during Louis Vuitton Act 12.

Photo (c)

UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour Starts May 13th in Lugano

The UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour start soon with a series of 5 Events held in Switzerland. The events will be sailed on the Sreamline boats and in 3 events an Alinghi crew will sail against young Swiss Match race talents.
The winners of the 5 Events will be invited to compete in the Swiss National Match Race Championship held in Geneve.

The events are scheduled as follows
UBS Alinghi Swiss Tour
13.05. - 14.05.2006 Lugano: Circolo Velico Lago di Lugano
20.05. - 21.05.2006 Zürich: Zürcher Yacht Club
10.06. - 11.06.2006 Romanshorn Yacht Club Romanshorn
08.07. - 09.07.2006 Thun Thunersee Yacht Club
13.09. - 15.09.2006 Geneva: Société Nautique de Genève

National Match Race Championships
16.09. - 17.09.2006 Geneva: Société Nautique de Genève

Read more about the start of the Tour in Lugano

Photos (c) Robert Ghidoni

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Results Nationscup Selection Ireland


Andrew Fowler and Mary O Loughlin were the lucky winners of the first ever ISAF Grade 3 Smart Telecom Irish Sailing Association National Match Racing Championships held over the last weekend in Kinsale, Ireland. The winning teams of Andrew FOWLER, David MCHUGH and Max TRACY and Women's team of Mary O LOUGHLIN, Karena KNAGGS and Gillian BURKE will now go on to represent Ireland as the host nation's entry in the ISAF Nations Cup Grand Final this September.

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