Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Women MR Europeans from "the kitchen"

On the course

EUROSAF Women Match Race European Championship was held this year in Mondello-Palermo in Sicily from 20 to 24 September. The European Champion title was taken by Italian skipper Sabrina Gurioli and her team.
Today we talk to Luigi Bertini, one of the organizers and also both PRO and Umpire during Women Match Race Europeans in Sicily, about the preparation to the event, its brights and shadows. In one word, let's see how the event looked from "the kitchen" side :)

Sofia: How did you find the MR Women Europeans in Sicily from organizers' side?
Luigi: Good enough from the technical side on water. Just the social side could be better as we had some delays with food after races
What were the main goals and challenges for you to organize such an event?
I organized a lot of MR events and I used this event to improve more my experience. Also I wanted to help the Italian Sailing Federation and the club in it.
What was the main difficulty?
To find the umpires (there was 6 international MR events in Europe in the same time) and to find the competitors (in the previous week there was the StQuay INT Fem MR and the following week there was the Lake Constance INT Fem MR.
What boats did you use and how did the competitors find them?
We used the FIV555, the official Italian Sailing Federation boats. The reports from the competitors were good but we had very light condition.
What did you enjoyed the most?
The competitors was a really fantastic group, very kind and correct.
Who gave you the biggest support?
Paolo Speciale (secretary of the Club) and Laura Serretta (in charge to support competitors and umpires)
Do you think such Europeans are good promotion of women match racing?
Yes indeed!
Next events in Sicily?
We will organize three MR events next year in Sicily, one of this will be the CentoCup, a traditional grade 1.
Thanks for sharing with us some more info. about Women MR Europeans!

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