Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blumi talks about Bluboat

Why do you build this boat?
We build the blu30 as a daysailor for a customer in Switzerland. After this we started to think about going ahead with more boats in the same style and started the bluboats company.

What make your boat so different from the other 30 or 26 feet boat?
The blu30 is a boat especially build for easy shorthanded sailing on a Swiss lake (like lake Constance) where you need to be able to adjust your draught. It’s a boat that is built for easy sailing and maximum fun using racing technology from racing for pleasure sailing. The design of the boat and it’s lines are we straight and simple which gives the boat special look. The deck is clean and there are no line or deck gear visible.

What will cost your boat?
The standard version goes for € 95’000 and the version with hydraulic lifting keel, carbon mast and Kuhlmann rudder for € 135’000.

What are the plans you have with this boat?
The blu30 is a semi-custom boat that is designated for sailors who like the clean design and are looking for maximum sailing pleasure with little effort. We would be happy to build more blu30 but wont push a one design class for now. This boat is for pure pleasure sailing and should be adjusted for each owner.

How many boats have been sold so far?
We’re just starting. So far we have sold one boat, but now with the publicity we’re getting more and more people interested.

Can you tell us somting about the Bluboat26?
The blu26 is the smaller sister of the blu30. She looks pretty much the same but there is the difference that she’s optimised for match racing and build in an economical way and therefore more affordable. The goal is to build a widely accepted match racing boat for Switzerland that can be used for training and racing. The prototype is in construction and we’re working with the best match racing sailors to make the boat fit it’s purpose. We’re planning to go sailing before the end of the year.

Will this boat replace the streamline?
It would make sense to use a boat especially build for match racing in Switzerland for the national Swiss match racing tour and it’s championship. We’ll do our best to have the blu26 as the future boat for the Swiss Tour. There is a possibility for a change after 2007 for the 2008 season and we’ll be trying to win this pitch.

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