Monday, July 03, 2006

ISAF Nations Cup 2006 - Finalists are known

source by: Matija Gorjan

Portugal in Open and France in Women division earned their tickets to Ireland

In a great day for sailing with the most caracteristic wind for the Gulf of Trieste, in which on the southern half is the Slovenian coast with its small part of the Adriatic Sea and even a smaller part of the Mediterranean, match racing crews from seven countries, who took part of the European group 2 of the seven Regional Finals for the ISAF Nations Cup tasted their strengths and sailing skills. The slitly shifting NE from 10 to 18 knots gave them a great opportunity to show who is the best of the five women and five crews racing in the open division.
The Petit finals in the womens group was won by Silke Hahlbrock (GER), which bet Maja Czarniawska (POL) by a clear 2:0. The same was in the open group where Matteo Simoncelli (ITA) gained the third place against Przemyslaw Tarnacki (POL).
In the Finals, the French crew of Claire Leroy, leader on the MR rankings, demonstrated a clear win over the young crew of Giulia Conti (ITA), while the battle between the Croatian Dario Kliba and Porugese Alvaro Marinho promissed and also demonstrated a fierce fight for the higher step on the podium which was won by the promissing Portugese crew.

The final results are as follows:

1. PORTUGAL - Alvaro Marinho
2. CROATIA - Dario Kliba
3. ITALY - Matteo Simoncelli
4. POLAND - Przemyslaw Tarnacki
5. SLOVENIA - Jure Orel

1. FRANCE - Claire Leroy
2. ITALY - Giulia Conti
3. GERMANY - Silke Hahlbrock
4. POLAND - Maja Czarniawska
5. CROATIA - Petra Kliba-Schmidt

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