Friday, June 16, 2006

Nations Cup in Finland

There are hardly any news available about the nations cup currently ongoing in Helsinki Finland.

Here is an SMS from Staffan Lindberg:
Another good day and we are now at 10-2 already qualified for the semi. The semis are the deciders since 2 qualify for the Nations Cup.

And the entry list is:

Eugeniy Neugodnikov RUS
Staffan Lindberg FIN
Peter Wibroe DEN
Jelle Roos NED
Geir Victor SWE
Norge Marcus Schneeberger NOR
Mihkel Kosk EST
Martin Angsell SWE

The Event in Heliski is probably the one with the top ranked skippers.
Let's see who else get's in the semis beside Staffan: Wibroe and Eugeniy would expect it, but who of the others?

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